IMS Group has several services, here you are

Property Consulting

Provides services in the forms of integrated marketing services consultancy, encompassing: development of basic ideology and strategy, project calculation and profit projection, concept & design, marketing target, brand positioning, promotion packages, pricing strategy, marketing program through total consumer value service for various property projects such as apartments, residences, office towers, shopping centers, and trade-malls.

Trained Personnel

Services to build in-house marketing team for Property Developers, Inventors, Landlords, and Industry- Scale Property.

IMS-Group prepares first rate, professional and competitive human resources for Property Developers, as well as Investor clients as in-house marketing team designated to execute and bring our planned strategy to success.

Qualified human resources are IMS’ prime strength and developed through education, training, workshop and experience in various aspects of the property world.

R & R Networking

One of the ways to reach prospective property buyers or consumers expeditiously in large quantities, is by establishing a marketing marketer network, and at the same time offering work opportunities as marketer to the community through franchising.

This encouraged IMS to create property business opportunities under a franchise system to build a marketers network in large quantity, to strengthen the marketing system of projects managed by IMS, and to facilitate accessibility to prospective property buyers, and therefore the success of a project can be accomplished within a shorter period.

Independent Marketing School

The success of IMS as a Marketing Outsourcing Company for property developers is clear evidence of the success of conducting a non-formal education for young people in understanding the real estate business, as well as preparing them to plunge into the world of property, especially in the Marketing sector.

Through IMS there will be ready-to-use, knowledgeable and competent young property marketers available. In addition to providing the ability of marketing properties, IMS will also channel its “prodigies” to companies in need of marketing staff, or provide work opportunity at the projects under its wings.

Consulting Analysis

One of the crucial aspects before action is Planning, supported by accurate, reliable analysis, capable of providing solutions to accomplish business objectives.

Consulting Analysis is a services package from IMS-Group as an initial stage in the handling of a project entrusted to IMS, whether they are new projects, running or even stopped property projects.

Project Marketing

The project marketing services package delivers the continuation phase after Consulting Analysis Packages.

IMS offers the solutions that determine the success of a property project by executing marketing tasks for the project.

The marketing services package offered is as follows:

  1. Marketing Team Development
  2. Existing project Analysis
  3. Stagnant Project Analysis
  4. Project Operation Package
  5. Total Project’s Handling Packages

Tailor-Made Packages

We also offer special services or Tailor-Made Packages based on requests from developers, landlords or investors.

This package offers freedom for users of IMS to define your own type of service that is needed, either one type of service or a combination of the various services that are available.

An integrated and complete services system allows IMS to provide all the needs of service providers, and that’s what makes IMS unique, innovative, different and amazing!

Affiliation Strategy

To support all processes of development, construction, marketing, management all the way to finishing, IMS has established a strategic affiliation to expedite all running processes as a holistic and solid entity.

This enables IMS to deliver pre-concept, pros & cons, advertising & promotion, tax solution, application management software, and landscaping facilities.

IMS-Group Types of Training

IMS-Group has developed its own Property Industry Marketing training curriculum gained from IMS’s successful experience in handling various property projects, to a wide range creative marketing, to increase sales target. The following is the outline of IMS-Group’s educational curriculum:

    1. New ME Training (NMT)
    2. Basic Skill Training (BST)
    3. Sales Adminitration Training (SAT)
    1. Negosiasi Efektif & Closing Power
    2. Memahami ‘Karakter Konsumen & Diri Sendiri
    3. Achievement Motivation Training
    4. Out-Work Bound Training
    1. Pre—Leadership Training
    2. Leadership Training

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