Vision Mission

We also have plan and target


Become a trusted and reliable institution by Developers as an outsourced marketing services company, which will provide comprehensive and integrated marketing power professionals in the field of Property.


Dedicated, Integrated, Self-driven, Commitment, Initiative, Professionalism, Loyalty, Interested, Never-irresponsible, Enthusiasm.


Services, Professional, Efficiency, Expert, Dedicated


  • Plays an important role in the growth and development stage of business properties in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta area (Jabodetabek).
  • Provides comprehensive marketing solutions for developers, landowner and investors.
  • Creates business opportunities with unlimited income possibilities for anyone who wants to pursue their own career in property sectors.
  • Provides training facilities, seminars and workshops to deliver professional marketing staffs for the developers in need.
  • Establish a win-win solution and mutually beneficial cooperation with developers, landowner, investors, as well as their partners, employees and shareholders.

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