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The leaders of our company have experienced a lot of challenges and obstacles in their career as entrepreneurs in real estate and property investment sectors, along with the daily problems in advertising and promotional materials. Based from their experience, they feel the need of an organization that provides solutions and strategies to overcome the daily problems faced by the investors and property sector leaders alike.

On May 6th, 2004, IMS was founded as a consultant agency that strives to provide solutions towards various problems in property business development stage. On it’s journey, IMS has grown into several subsidiary companies that provide concepts and advisories, solutions and strategies, as well as directly involved in handling several entrusted projects. Over time, IMS continues to grow in number of experienced personnel in property business, and continuously improve the quality of its human resources through education, seminars, and training. With these professional human resources, the developers and investors can really trust IMS in developing their property projects all the time.

IMG-Group presents itself as a trusted partner in each project development stage: planning, development, management, even sales in every property sector in Indonesia.

Company Description

PT IMS-Group Integrated Marketing Services

Property is one of the fastest developing and prospective businesses in Indonesia, along with the stable growth of Indonesia’s economy and population growth, leading to an increasing need and demand in the property sector.

The reality of this prospective property market initiated the presence of PT IMS-Group as one of the leading, experienced, and pioneer of property marketing outsourcing consultant in Indonesia, incorporated on May 6, 2004, in Jakarta.

Istana Makmur Sejati, also called IMS-Group, is a property consultant in the field of marketing that provides solutions and strategy development on the part of property investors and business leaders.

In the world of property, the viability of selling various property products within a relatively short period, realization of purchase by consumers, and 100% profitable product sales are by no means the expectation of property developers, investors, and landlords.

IMS-Group can professionally manifest such expectations in the marketing and development of property projects by offering workable solutions, starting from property marketing outsourcing, property project management, property project investor designation, and Marketing Team establishment for property developers, all of which are encompassed under the integrated marketing services tagline.

The credibility of more than ten years of experience has been factually proven. Today, over 100 property developer projects have benefitted from the IMS-Group services. Products such as Apartments, Condominiums, Residences, Town Houses, Shopping Malls, and many others have been successfully sold, demonstrating IMS-Groups’ trustworthy professional performance.

Following its integrated marketing services tagline, as a property consultant in the marketing sector, IMS-Group offers the following property services:

  • Property Consulting
  • Trained Personnel
  • R & R Networking
  • Independent Marketing School
  • Consulting Analysis
  • Project Marketing
  • Tailor-Made Packages
  • Affiliation Strategy

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