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Roy Gosjen, Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of IMS-Group, Mr. Roy Gosjen is a pioneer of outsourcing companies in the property marketing sector in Indonesia.

Born in Ambon in 1971, he then at a relatively young age immersed himself in the property marketing business at STIE IBEK Jakarta.

A long journey in life; from a freelance marketer to a key position in the company attributable to successful marketing achievement during the monetary crisis along with an outstanding career experience.

Through careful planning, Mr. Roy Gosjen initiated his own company flag, known as Istana Makmur Sejati or IMS-Group.

Trust and mastery continues to rise with the successful marketing of major property projects around the Bandar Kemayoran vicinity.

This led to the establishment of IMS-Group as a household name in the business, evidenced by the trust given by leading developers to market and manage a myriad of property projects until today.

He is not only involved in the marketing process, but also offers property investment consulting services, property project concept design, finance, concept execution with training services for property marketing through IMS-Group.

Drs. Rein Tanny, Chief Finance & Accounting Officer

One of the co-founders of IMS-Group, born in Ambon 1956, is more responsible in the financial and operational aspects.

After spending some time as an independent entrepreneur, in 2004 he decided to join IMS-Group. The presence of Rein Tanny fortified the company’s strong and healthy financial structure, accountability, transparency, and professionalism.

This underlines his background as a professional in the financial and accountancy department. Mr. Rein Tanny participates in developing concepts, and complements IMS-Group board of directors.

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